Rwanda Holidays – Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

PureTravel Says
“Rwanda has worked hard to become a more unified country, striving to show the world the beauty of its homeland. Although landlocked, the country still has wonderful landscapes and large lakes with beaches. Here one can find volcanoes alongside forests and mountains, still teeming with exotic flora and fauna.”

Rwanda Holiday Highlights

Wildlife & Nature – Exploring the nature and wildlife in Rwanda is one of the main highlights. There are over 500 species of animals in the country, with many different types of safaris available. Most famously, there is a gorilla sanctuary which is one of the last of its kind in the world. There are many national parks and nature reserves to explore, each famous for a particular specialty that can be tailored to your interests.

Culture & History – There are many museums all over Rwanda that showcase their history, including those honoring the genocide victims. There are also great art museums that showcase the works of local artists.

When To Go

Unlike many countries in Africa, Rwanda has a relatively cool climate. This is due to its high altitude, although it is fairly close to the equator. In that respect, the country maintains a warm climate throughout the year, with cooler temperatures in the mountains. The best times to visit Rwanda would likely be May to November when it is dries, due to the rest of the months being the rain seasons. Therefore, to enjoy the nature and culture of Rwanda the best, it is best to visit during these months.

Top Tips

  • Check with the Office Rwandais du Tourisme et des Parcs Nationaux for tours of wildlife reserves, which may require a permit for visitors.
  • Respect the customs of the locals.
  • Check with your government’s advice on which areas that may be dangerous for tourists in Rwanda.

Rwanda Holidays In Focus

Wildlife and Gorilla Safaris – A great place to start exploring the wildlife of Rwanda is in the A’Kargera National Park. This park, miles of picturesque savannah, is home to many species of wildlife, including over 500 species of birds. In addition, the A’Kagera River offers a great opportunity to view these animals, due to many of them often congregating near and around this river.

Another great place to game-view of Rwanda is in Kabarando. Here, safaris are very popular attractions, and are among the best tours in all of Rwanda. A large variety of animals can be found including lions, leopards, giraffes, elephants, apes, zebras and hippos. There are also many rare species of bird to be found.

One of the most famous and rewarding wildlife trips that can be taken in Rwanda is the gorilla trek. The best place to do this is at the Parc National des Volcans, which is a securely guarded from poachers and world-renowned for its amazing gorilla habitat. Many well-known researchers and scientists have spent endless hours at this facility studying the gorillas, and now visitors can enjoy the beauty of the park as well.

Another terrain that should be explored in Rwanda are the volcanoes. Here, one can find some of the most fascinating natural wonders known to man, many of which have some interesting things to offer visitors. A good place to start exploring volcanoes is, unsurprisingly. in the Parc National des Volcans. The two main volcanoes here are the Nyiragongo and the Nyamuragira, which are both found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both of these volcanoes are great for trekking. For travelers who wish to go a little farther and climb the volcanoes, there are several good options for this in Rwanda. The Virunga Volcanoes, near Gisenyi, is a great place to go where many adventure seekers climb to the top to see the amazing views and is safe for experienced climbers.

Culture and History – Only fifteen years after it happened, Rwanda has tried hard to heal the wounds left by the bloody genocide that occurred there. Museums and monuments are to be found all over the country in memory of those who died and in an effort to ensure that it is never forgotten. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is the best place to do this. Here, a Genocide Museum is in place that documents the worst massacre that occurred in 1994. Although difficult, visiting this area will offer amazing insight into what the people of this country have had to overcome and will allow the visitor to appreciate their experience that much more.

The culture of Rwanda starts with the agricultural Tutsi tribe, which was the first to inhabit the country in the late 13th century, and is responsible for much of the character of modern-day Rwanda. In addition to this tribe, Rwanda has been filled with various different cultures, which have all made their mark on the country. There are distinct areas of Rwanda that have both German and Belgian influence due to their rule of the country at some point.

Of course, Rwanda is filled with much more than just sadness and rememberance. The area of Butare is a great city filled with intellectual jewels. The National Museum can be found here that showcases some of the greatest displays and lessons of the Rwandan culture. There are also many ancient relics and artifacts to be found here. Butare is also home to some amazing craft markets, where travelers will love seeing firsthand the creativity and talent of the natives. There are many great museums and structures throughout the country that also show the culture of the area. Both Muchubati and Kabagayi are great places to find wonderful cathedrals. Another good place to visit for museums and historic buildings is Gitarama, whose art museum is well regarded.

Water Sports and Activities – Rwanda is filled with various lakes, waterfalls and other bodies of water that make it an ideal location for water sports. There are several different areas in the country that offer great opportunities to partake in some of the most popular water sports around. Swimming, diving and simply relaxing on the water are all popular attractions that draw in tourists throughout the year.

There are many great places to take part in water sports in Rwanda. The largest water region is Kibungu, which includes several lakes and waterfalls. The most popular lake here is Lake Mungesera, which is the perfect place for waterskiing, boating and fishing. This area also includes Rusumo Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall that boasts breathtaking views and great swimming. The Parc des Volcans is one of the most fun water sport areas in the country. The main attraction here is Gisenyi, which is another good sightseeing site that is also great for water sports. There are several great grottoes in Rwanda that offer additional fun for visitors. The best place to find these natural wonders is in Cyangugu where the Kaboza and Nyenji grottoes can be found. Other interesting destinations for water sports in Rwanda include Lake Kivue and Kibuye, as well as Nyakabuye, which feature wonderful thermal waters.